Always arrive at the right location

A precise location makes the difference

Several players, such as Uber, Cabify and Lyft, has seriously disrupted and forced the dinosaur taxi industry into the new digital age of ride hailing.
All of them are competing in taking you from A to B in the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable way.
But they all rely on a precise end-location to do so in the most efficient way
A VayaPin address defines B in the most precise way possible.

Simple and easy

With VayaPin you will be able to accurately communicate your destination, regardless of whether it has a street name and number. The coordinates will be inserted automatically in the map and travel provider of your choice, or you can simply ask the driver to scan your VayaPin QR code to instantly open the directions on his own device.

Avoid inconveniences on your trips

When your destination doesn’t have a correct address, or even an address at all, leaving you to guide the driver, calling a friend for directions or ultimately being dropped off at the wrong location because the pin placement was wrong.


Search for a VayaPin:
search for the name,
open the link or
scan the QR code.

Review all the information
it includes.

Select your preferred
map or travel application.

The coordinates will
be inserted automatically
and you will be able to travel
to your destination.