Get to know all the benefits of VayaPin

You know the precise location of your front door better than anyone else and our solution lets you communicate that in the most precise and reliable way ever seen.
Furthermore, with VayaPin you always have all your information updated and with you. This way, whenever you share your pin with someone and they save it on their phone, you ensure that they can always access your updated details, whether it’s private or business.

All your information in ONE place

VayaPin compiles every bit of useful information about a location and/or everything about you, in one simple link. The possibilities and use cases are endless with VayaPin, ultimately improving how we communicate and share our location and details.

Getting your customers to find your business, sharing valuable information about a property, creating a totally digital, updatable and easy-to-share business card… all this and much more is possible with VayaPin.

Possibly the last and only address you’ll ever need?

You can have the same address for the rest of your life, no matter where you move. Think about it – how many different addresses have you had in your lifetime and how many do you think you’ll have?

Password protect your data

This feature allows you to add information to your VayaPin that you only wish to share with whom you choose, such as alarm codes, key placement or specific links or attachments.