Founded in 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark, we set out on a task to disrupt the
concept and definition of an address as we know it and create the “Address of the Future”.

By giving Anyone on the planet the option of creating a FREE, accurate and reliable address, it is our strong belief that this “idea” can make a significant difference for so many people and ultimately improve social and economic development, as well as save lives.

When you have a functional “traditional address”, it can be difficult to comprehend the challenges of not having one. The United Nations estimate that as many as 4 billion people around the World, does not have an address, at least not one that is accurate and therefore useful.

Our mision is to change that!

Imagine not having to enter or mention lengthy addresses when placing an order or call for help or assistance. VayaPin is a FREE and user-friendly solution that we are convinced the logistic and e-commerce industries, among others, will adapt and embrace. The benefits for all parties are undeniable and given the simplicity of creating a VayaPin and the implementation of our API, there’s no initial cost and really nothing to lose.

After all, an address is just referring to a location where someone or something must arrive, so why not choose the simplest, shortest and most precise address solution on the market?

“So when you think of an address, think of VayaPin”

On behalf of the whole team, we sincerely hope that you will help us “Address the
World” and share the VayaPin vision with your friends and family.

Thank You!