Locate the most interesting places to visit around the world

Locate the most interesting places to visit around the world

A simple solution to find attractions, exhibitions or
accommodation even in the most remote areas of the planet.

Museums, exhibits, monuments and natural wonders

All these places of interest can benefit from a VayaPin, since they will be able to mark their exact location on the maps, even when they are located off the beaten path.

Easy and precise

VayaPin’s accuracy and simplicity makes it a perfect solution for communicating a location and information about it. Especially for those locations who do not have a specific address or for which it is very complex to give precise indications.

Language is no longer a barrier

Around the world, each country has its own language and its own way of organizing its cities, something that can be complex for travelers. VayaPin solves this, being able to overcome the barriers of language and cultures.

A unique QR codes for each location

Each VayaPin has its own unique QR code. It can be used both for advertising purposes, or simply as a source of information for visitors, since they will be able to scan it and obtain valuable information about the place.

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Useful contact numbers
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Navigate without the need for addresses, use the practical VayaPins instead

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