Enhance your guests experience with ALL they need to know in ONE link and QR code.

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The #1 Digital Solution for Rentals

Consider it like your digital concierge, where your guests can easily access ALL your information 24/7 in just one click.

So get ahead of competition AND make your host duties a lot smoother.

A VayaPin can contain

Your contact

Photos and video
of the property

Messages in different

Social Network

Links for reservations

 Manuals &

Useful information
(Wi-Fi, Alarms, Keys)

Easy access to all information

The VayaPin QR can be printed and placed in various areas of your accommodation, so that your guests can easily scan it and get access to all the information.

Protected information

You can choose to password protect any data inside your VayaPin, such as alarm codes, key placement and wi-fi code, ultimately only granting access to whom YOU choose.

VayaPin as a website

No need to spend money on programmers, hosting sites or updating a website. All the necessary information can be portrayed and edit with a VayaPin.
It’s always with you and ready to be shared!

Your guests can use ANY navigation or ride hailing app they prefer to arrive at your destination