Delivery at the right place the first time, every time

Successful expansion of e-commerce and delivery services, requires accurate and updated addressing systems to increase efficiency and to optimize operations

“In the US alone 1.700.000 parcels are lost or stolen EVERY day….”

Time is money

Whether you’re dealing with parcels or food deliveries, Last Mile Delivery remains a logistical challenge, particularly in developing economies and remote areas, due to losses related to inadequate or outdated addresses.

Precision Is key

There are several logistic software solutions on the market that will assist in getting from A to B the fastest, but they all rely on a precise end-location to significantly reduce the last mile delivery cost.
A VayaPin address defines B in the most precise way possible.

A global solution

It is accurate, simple, easy to communicate, and it can be created within minutes for any place on earth, even for those places that do not have a traditional address.

Always updated and relevant

The location of a VayaPin address can be easily updated and instantly used in any delivering process without requiring updating the information of point-of-delivery across the different actors involved.

A solution with benefits for all parties

With our simple API, most E-commerce platforms can implement VayaPin as an add-on address solution. By doing so, the benefits are obvious for both the Retailers and the Delivery Companies:


• Minimize lost parcels and returns 

•Improve the customer experience

• Expand market share by now delivering to people who didn’t use to have an address

• Minimize bad ratings due to faulty delivery

• Precise location (pinned by the user)

• Always have updated information on your customers.  • Contact details of recipients

• Easier checkout with our autofill – simply enter the VayaPin and we take care of the rest

• Minimize language barriers when sending cross borders
(the alphanumeric alphabet is known to 85% of the world’s population)

• Save time and money on last mile delivery •Images/video of the property/Location

• Specific delivery placement on the location (in various languages)

• See accuracy ratings of the location 

•Works with all map providers


Search for a VayaPin
by either, entering
the name, open the link
or scan the QR code.

Review all the information
it includes.

Select your preferred
map or travel application.

The coordinates will
be inserted automatically
and you will be able to travel
to your destination.