The VayaPin system has a vast set of functionalities that make it an extremely complete solution, applicable to the most diverse private use-cases, businesses and industries.

Your own VayaPin address

Select your country, choose your VayaPin name and save your location. Since your pin information can be edited at any time, you won’t have to create a new Pin in case you move, just update your location inside the pin and have the same address forever.

QR code

Each VayaPin has a unique QR code attached to it, making it very easy to share and access information from the Pin. This has many practical use cases in the most diverse areas. Use the QR code as your door sign or put it on your dog, suitcase, ski bag or bike in case it gets lost.

When you hail a taxi, simply let the driver scan your QR code and he knows exactly where to go.

Images, video and logo

Add a photo and video of the front of your address and how to find your front door. This way people will be able to see exactly when they have arrived at the desired location.
You can also add your own profile picture, which can be useful when using your VayaPin as your business card.

Contact details of you or your company

Your Pin may include information such as your name, business name, phone numbers, email addresses, links to websites, address, opening hours of your business, etc.

Social Networks / Links

You can add all kinds of links, such as social network accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), blogs, podcasts, or other websites such as TripAdvisor or Amazon.

Attach files to your VayaPin

Easily add files to your Pin, such as photos, house rules,
menus, lists of services or prices, user manuals, certificates,
documents, etc.

Password protected fields

With this feature, you can easily choose the data you want to password protect, so it’s only the people whom you grant access that can see these specific details.

Multi-language text box

Using the text box, you can add valuable information to your Pin such as “the doorbell doesn’t work”, “beware of the dog”, as well as a short description of your business or a welcome message for guests.
All the information can be shown in multiple languages.

Add to contacts

When someone adds your VayaPin to their contact list, that person will automatically be kept up to date on your future address and contact details.