The information of any VayaPin can be accessed from any phone or search engine without having to download our app.

This will be available very soon – You currently need to contact us to do so.

Yes of course, and if you do, you will always have the updated information of that person.

Yes, sharing your location is already widely used, BUT only with people whose contact details you already have. A VayaPin can be shared on a business card, a website, with emergency services, delivery companies, service providers and so much more!

Because no one knows your exact location better than you and VayaPin lets you communicate just that in the most precise way ever seen. Furthermore, it is the last address you’ll ever need, since you’ll be able to move the pin inside our system in case you move to a new location.
Not to forget all the cool and useful information you can attach to it.

Yes, isn’t technology amazing! But unfortunately, these services mostly rely on locations based on street addresses and numbers or a pin placed by Google.
VayaPin is pinned by you and accompanied by images and video of your precise location, making them arrive the first time, every time.

You can choose any alphanumeric name you prefer (eg.: YOLANDA88).
The name needs to be at least 5 characters.
Consider not to choose a name that is related to the current location, in case you need to move it.

We are now offering our PRO subscription completely FREE forever. Limited pins per country. (Link to pricing)

Android: Any app that accepts localization api.
IOS: any navigation system that accepts external users.

Soon you will be able to attach videos from YouTube and other platforms.

Yes and no. The information needs to be stored the first time you search for a pin in the app (this is done automatically by the app while it is in use with an internet connection), then it can be used offline at any time. You cannot search for new pins offline.

Yes of course, and if you do, you will always have the updated information of that person.

If you wish to contact us for more information about these policies or about any matter related to individual rights and your personal information, you can do so through the contact form or by sending an email to

This document was last updated on April 4, 2023